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Become the expert that you always wanted to be when using an application. Allow IYCG Technologies to teach you the bells and whistles of any user friendly application, within a timely fashion in accordance with your business’ policies. We also ensure individual success. Let us evaluate your business and individual needs.

What We Believe

IT Solutions for Your Industry

Information Technology is an important part of all governmental functions. We have the ability to upgrade processes through electronic means. We aim to eliminate downtime and increase reliability of governmental procedures through the building of cascading computer infrastructures and ongoing backup data systems.

Customer behaviors and expectations are quickly adjusting to a world where products and services are recommended based on past behaviors and where location-based offers are provided instantaneously on their computers, mobile devices, and other electronic devices. Customers shy away from visiting branches for banking purposes. At IYCG Technologies, we are embracing block chain technology as a means of ensuring banking efficiency and optimal banking security.

IYCG Technologies will work with energy and utility providers to offer digital transformation and emerging ways to connect customers, assets, employees, and derive actionable intelligence from Information Technology sources. What this means is that we keep pace of commercial, regulatory, and technology advancements affecting all industries, and we enable better interaction with customers living in a connected world, especially in Liberia.

We can aid with the development and integration of school management software and other products designed around an institution’s culture and practice. We are here to grow with you and meet any demands and trends of the future.